HITP Eco-Campus

A major development of flexible office space in three units connected via a large podium deck surmounting an extensive undercroft car park laid out over two levels.

A major challenge for this development was fitting it onto the site, addressing the residual changes in level at the edges through carefully located planting and integrating a massive crib retaining wall to the rear.


HLA developed a striking contemporary landscape design for the main podium deck to compliment Mosaic Architecture + Design’s building.   The deck itself required a significant detail design interface with the Structural and Civil Engineer, to ensure drainage and levels were fully coordinated.

High quality planting and landform were utilised to screen exposed basement areas along the public elevations providing a high quality frontage and tying the building onto the wider business park landscape.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire


HFD Group Ltd

Project Period

2009 - 2013