Gourock Waterfront, Inverclyde

A major engineering and public realm project to reconnect Gourock Town Centre with its waterfront

The project comprised the regeneration of 3 hectares of Gourock’s town centre and waterfront, including over 1 hectare of long derelict and visually blighted land at Pierhead between the town and its railway station.

The project was completed in January 2016 at a cost of £5.2M by Riverside Inverclyde (RI) on behalf of Inverclyde Council.

A key challenge for the project was to reconnect Gourock with its waterfront whilst accommodating wholesale changes to traffic circulation and parking capacity within a tight budget. HLA created a robust public realm framework and layout with strong pedestrian links to the town centre, improving connections with the station and opening up the waterfront to public access. Simple paving design combined with strong, visual elements such as stone faced gabion walls, curved railings and distinctive lighting columns were developed to unify the public realm and provide it with distinctive character, reflecting its dramatic setting.


  • Herald Property Award ‘Best Townscape Regeneration’ 2016
  • Saltire Society Civil Engineering Award 2016
  • Commendation Special Award


Gourock, Inverclyde


Riverside Inverclyde



Project Period

2010 - 2017