Gordon Street, Glasgow

A Glasgow City Centre Public Realm Millenium Demonstration Project surrounding Central Station, Glasgow

This project involved the wholesale redevelopment of the city centre streets, encompassing the principal frontage to Central Station on Gordon Street; Mitchell Street, to its connection with Argyle Street and Mitchell Lane, embracing the Lighthouse Building which was transformed into a Design Centre for Glasgow City of Architecture and Design in 1999.


Working closely with the in-house Road's Design Group, the design approach necessitated extensive engagement with numerous stakeholders, to agree a strategy that reconciled conflicting traffic management and circulation requirements.  The simple and elegant design that evolved from this complex process utilised natural stone paving throughout, specified following extensive research into supply, performance and detailing.  A particular feature of this project was the integration of public art within the design elements of street furniture, working with artist Andy Scott.  It was also the first time brass studs were used to create tactile paving - a concept developed by Hirst Landscape Architects to enliven the floorscape.



Gordon Street, Glasgow


Glasgow Development Agency and Glasgow City Council



Project Period

1999 - 2002