Tradeston Waterfront Promenade

Development of the public realm on the Clyde Waterfront

The prominent Barclays Glasgow Campus development along the Clyde Waterfront opened in 2021. This new financial tech hub comprises of office spaces, well-being facilities and exhibition spaces, however, in 2022 it’s interaction and connectivity to the Clyde was still to be refined.  HLA worked closely with Graham Construction to enhance the pedestrian promenade and public space. The design looked at creating a high-quality piece of public realm which would enable users to interact with the waterfront better. It provided a series of seating areas and elongates the existing soft landscape in varying strips to help it bleed into some of the existing granite paving. The detailed design required careful understanding of the existing conditions to allow the allow the proposals to be integrated seamlessly.

The sensitive material palette looked at re-using the existing paving, integrating new sections of Kilkenny paving to mirror the ripples on the Clyde and adding seasonal colour through a considered species selection.

The project was completed during the Spring of 2023 and has been thoroughly enjoyed by the community.




Barclays Ltd



Project Period

March 2022 - April 2023